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Wondering how to make #SkyLanterns :
Follow the simple steps:
Today we want to show you how we prepare the lanterns and the people who prepare them do not face any health challenges, because they are easy to prepare and the material used is biodegradable.
However, let’s first understand why we need them and what the use is. Sky Lanterns are being used since ages in Asian countries and now are being used in other parts of world also. These are usually used as part of festivals and other auspicious ceremonies.
1. First of all, we need fuel for our Sky Lanterns to fly. We need good quality wax and melt it in cube shape and mix it with cotton.
2. We need florist’s wire to create the platform for our lantern, which will hold the wax cube firmly, when it flies.
3. We would also require the Bamboo frame for our lantern.
4. Get some fire proof paper. You can use paper napkin, however you will need to make it fire proof first.
5. Now create pattern of the sky lantern and cut it in pieces.
6. Now joint the paper with nonflammable glue
7. You are all set to launch your sky lantern.
Things to consider:
When using the fireproofing spray, be sure wear protective clothing such as gloves, long sleeves and pants since the spray may burn your skin.
Be sure exercise caution when lighting the lantern.
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